Know your flowers- The Tulips

Tulip originated centuries ago in Persia and Turkey, where it played a significant role in the art and culture of the time. Most likely commenting on the Turkish tradition of wearing tulips in one’s turban, Europeans mistakenly gave tulips their name, which comes from the Persian word meaning turban. As Europeans began taking tulips, the flower’s popularity spread quickly, particularly in the Netherlands where a phenomenon dubbed tulip mania set in at one point during the 17th century. Tulips became so highly-prized that prices were sent soaring and markets crashing. Tulips are now grown throughout the world, but people still identify cultivated varieties as “Dutch tulips.”

Tulips are among the oldest cultivated plants and have been hybridized to produce just about every color except for true blue. Most tulips have one flower per stem, but a few are multi-flowering. There are literally thousands of different types of tulips spread over 15 official classifications based on flower shape, height, and time of bloom. Tulips are some of the most popular  spring flowers  of all time, and the third most popular flowers world-wide next only to the Rose and Chrysanthemum. Tulips come in an incredible variety of colors, height, and flower shapes.

The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. 

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Tulips are magical flowers that fascinate many people of all ages and all origins. They did so in the centuries before us, they still do. Tulips have become a part of human history. That is precisely why tulip deserves a place in your garden.

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