Know your Flowers – Ranunculus

There is beauty in everything coming from nature, but Ranunculus flowers simply go above and beyond expectations. 

Ranunculus asiaticus also known as the Persian buttercup are beloved for their brilliantly colored and ruffled petals, tall stems, and long vase life.

Native to Asia and celebrated for its medicinal properties as well as its bright beauty, the small camellia-like ranunculus ranges from white to pink, red to yellow to orange., this makes them a favorite at florist shops and in wedding bouquets.

Some of these colors are in sync with the symbolic meaning of the ranunculus flower and some of them give it a completely different symbolism.

▪︎Orange color is a symbol of happiness and positive energy. 

Beautiful Orange

▪︎Red olor is a symbol of love, passion and romance.

Mix color

▪︎Pink color is a symbol of romance, love and gentle feelings.

Eyecatching Pink

▪︎Yellow color is a symbol of happiness, joy and positive feelings.

▪︎Purple color is a symbol of mystery, royalty and beauty. 

Different colours of ranunculus

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•Ranunculus flowers are poisonous when eaten fresh by cats, dogs, horses and cows. They contain juices that can irritate or damage their digestive systems. 

•The Latin name Ranunculus comes from the word “rana” which means frog and the word unclus means small. When combined, these two words give the name small frog.

Little frogs

•They were commonly used by Native Americans to treat boils and warts and can be soothing for those dealing with eczema.


•In the language of flowers, a bouquet of ranunculus says, “I am dazzled by your charms.”

dazzling yellow ranunculus

•The Victorian meaning of Ranunculus is “you are rich in attractions,” making this a very romantic flower choice.

The beautiful ranunculus flower is there to remind us that life is beautiful and we need to cherish it.

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