Foliar fertilizers are prohibited for the following 3 periods

1. Do not use foliar fertilizers during flowering period

Crops should not be sprayed with foliar fertilizers in the flowering period, which is the stage of pollination and fruiting. Fertilization in this period is easy to burn flowers, which is not conducive to normal pollination and thus reduces the yield.

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2. Do not use it at high temperature in the afternoon

This fertilizer is a kind of efficient nutrient liquid composition. If the fertilizer is sprayed in hot weather, it will cause nutrient evaporation, and nutrient concentration will be reduced in rainy season, both of which significantly reduce the utilization rate of the fertilizer.

3. It is forbidden to use the seedlings when they are not slowed down

In the seedling stage, most of the crops have just started to germinate, or cannot be sprayed with the fertilizer after transplanting, because at this time, the crops themselves are not only fragile, not so adapt to the external conditions, generally sprayed with nutrient solution, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of burning seedlings and burning leaves, not conducive to the normal growth of seedlings.

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