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Name: Dahlia

History/Description: Dahlias Flower are natives of the mountainous regions of Mexico and, although they grow in a warm country, they are actually temperate plants requiring cooler conditions. There are 30 species and 20,000 cultivars of Dahlias.

Common uses: Dahlia is widely used in landscaping, in floristry as a cut flower, for the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic, food and as raw material for the extraction of dyes. Both the tuberous roots and the flowers of this ornamental and medicinal plant are used for therapeutic purposes.

Variety/Colors Available:

There are wide varieties of dahlias based on their sizes, flowering patterns and resemblance to other flowers;
Single-flowered Dahlias
Anemone-flowered Dahlias
Collerette Dahlias
Waterlily Dahlias
Decorative Dahlias
Ball Dahlias
Pompon Dahlias
Cactus Dahlias
Miscellaneous Dahlias
Fimbriated Dahlias
Single Orchid Dahlias (Star)
Double Orchid Dahlias

Interesting Fact: Dahlias are Mexican plants in the daisy family, and the national flower of Mexico. Symbolism: staying graceful under pressure.

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Dahlias symbolize grace, change, uniqueness, kindness, elegance, creativity, dignity, commitment and balance.

Dahlias Flower

The Aztec people cultivated dahlias for their starchy, inulin rich tubers, which were eaten like potatoes but also used medicinally. The skin of these tubers have natural antibiotic properties, which were used to treat many illnesses. In addition, the inulin in the tubers can be converted into a natural sweetener. The Aztecs used the large flowers and hollow stems of tree dahlias to collect and carry water too.

Dahlias Flower

Dahlia enjoys great popularity among flower growers for the summer season due to the beauty of the flowers and the long period of decoration. Both the flowers and the tuberous roots of Dahlia have many uses in landscaping, but they have also gained ground as medicinal herbs, in cosmetics, food or raw extraction to permeate and coloring various material.

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