Know your flowers- African Daisy flowers

African daisies are flowering plants from the sunflower and daisy family and they include approximately 50 species. Also known as South African Cape or blue eyed daisies, are one of the colorful flowers for a beautiful garden. The African daisy flowering plant is excellent for naturalized areas and also as a ground cover for large areas like parking strips, borders, large pots and tubs.

The scientific name of the African daisy is Osteospermum, coming from the Greek and Latin words โ€˜osteonโ€™, meaning bone, and  โ€˜spermumโ€™,  meaning seed. All plants in this species are perennials although they do not like freezing conditions. In its native South Africa, the African daisy bursts into bloom when the spring rains come

African daisies have flowers that look very familiar, yet totally foreign. You may even think they’ve been dyed or painted. They look a lot like common daisies, with petals radiating around a center disk.

African daisies are definitely unique. The leaves will vary by variety. They can be lance-like or broadly ovate and smooth, toothed, or lobed. Petals can be smooth and flat, like a daisy, or radiate out in a tubular, spoon-shape.

spoon-shaped African daisy

The African daisy is a botanical gift that now thrives in many parts of the United States as a lovely annual. These trouble-free flowers will reward you with profuse and lovely hues all summer long.

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