Know your flowers- The Pampas grass


Common name: Pampas grass

Botanical name: Cortaderia selloana

History/Description: Pampas grass is a drought tolerant, tall and reed like grass native to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. It is cultivated as an ornamental in warm parts of the world, it loves hot summers and mild winters. Pampas grass can grow about 8-12 feet tall.

Common uses: Used in landscapes as it creates an ornamental feature in your garden and are also highly prized for indoor floral arrangements, often used in weddings.

Variety/Colors Available: There are many Pampas grass cultivars in the nursery trade today. Some have pinkish-White plumes, while others have silvery-white plumes, also Purple, Yellow, light blue plumes. With several varieties like Andes Silver, Bertini, Gold Band, Monvin, Patagonia, Pumila, Pink Feather, Silver comet, Sundale Siver etc.

Interesting Fact: The grass has no true value for farmers and is often described as invasive weed. It’s currently banned in New Zealand and Hawaii.

A dramatic flower plumes and towering form create a breathtaking display. Striking as a specimen or against a backdrop of evergreens. Plumes are attractive through winter and prized for dried arrangements.

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