Know your flowers- Snapdragon ( antirrhinum)

The snapdragon belongs to the taxonomic genus antirrhinum and falls in the plantaginaceae family. The name “antirrhinum” originates from the Greek word “antirrhinon” which translates to “like a nose/snout. “They come in a range of different colours and heights, and therefore can be grown in a variety of situations. they are easy-to-grow, old-fashioned cottage garden plants, beloved by children and bees.

Attractive to wildlife, they have a long flowering period, from June until October. Taller cultivars make good cut flowers and last well over a week in water.

Snapdragons are a mainstay of classic flower gardens, with infinite uses, from mixed border gardens to flower boxes to patio containers.


With over 30 cultivars, few flowers can boast as rich a selection of varieties as snapdragons. From cut floral arrangements, stunning ground covers, to breathtaking garden displays, snapdragons have a flower for every garden and every occasion.


Frosted Flames are among the most unique snapdragon plants. Their leaves come with shades of ivory and cream, and their blossoms in shades of pink, red, yellow, and cream. Some cultivars also come in bicolored petals.

They grow to about 18 inches and are great options for potting or making garden borders.


Rocket snapdragons are tall and sturdy with stems that grow up to 36 inches. They have excellent heat tolerance, and produce closely set florets, in 8 different colors.


Bright Butterflies grow to about 3 feet tall to form clusters of open-faced flowers. They come in a selection of seven stunning colors.


Madame Butterflies are a cross between rocket snapdragons and Bright Butterflies. Consequently, their flowers are not entirely open-faced but are azalea shaped. The blossoms come in shades of red, purple, pink, lavender, orange, yellow, and white.


Chandelier snapdragons grow in bushes with their leaves and flowers extending outwards.

Their blossoms are a bit smaller than other varieties, but not any less beautiful. This, coupled with their growth pattern, makes them an excellent option for growing in hanging baskets.


Although it’s named “Black Prince,” this variety has purple leaves with deep red flowers. It grows in long sturdy stems, reaching up to 18 inches and prefers warmer climates with full sun.

Black Prince creates an excellent contrast color with other plants in your garden.

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Interesting Facts about the Snapdragon flowers

  • ‘Snapdragons’ are named after the flower, which looks similar to a dragon face, and when the flower is pressed gently on the sides, their ‘mouth’ can open and shut.
  • Snapdragon flowers can actually be edible, which is why some restaurants and bars use them as a garnish for certain plates and drinks. The flower itself has a slight bitter taste – it may not sound appealing, but it might be worth a try!
  • Snapdragon flowers carry rich medicinal value. It has its own share of value in the traditional medicinal method. From treating mild burn injuries, Helps Reduce Fever, Relieves Urinary Tract Infections.
  • In the language of flowers, Snapdragon flower symbolizes deceit.
  • In Asia, Snapdragon Flower is nicknamed as “rabbit’s lips” while in Holland the flower is called as “lion’s lips”.


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